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I take great pride in my work and I pay a great attention to detail with my pest management service to ensure that I cover every crack and crevice where those little pests love to hide.

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I take great pride in my pest management service and I strive to provide great customer service while being great value for money. Comes with 12 Months warranty.


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Question One:Are Your Pest Products Safe For My Children and Pets?” I only use the safest pest products available to ensure the safety of your family and beloved pets too.

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Welcome to Give Ants The Boot Pest Control.

My mission is to provide great customer service to my customers by turning up on time, being reliable, and providing a fantastic after service warranty.

You can relax knowing if selected pests return in a 12 month period (for example cockroaches, spiders and ants) I will return free of charge to re-treat the affected area. And yes! we provide a 12 month service warranty for ants.
I am an expert in Pest Management and the prevention of household pests including Cockroaches, Ants, Spiders, Silverfish, Fleas, Ticks, Rats, Mice, Wasps, Bees. (Read More…)

What Makes Us Unique

My Mission is to provide a great Pest Management Service that also specialises in the Removal of Infestations of Ants from Your Home & Business.

I Strive To Provide My Customers With

  • On- Time Reliable Service
  • Only Use The Safest Products to ensure the Safety of your family and pets
  • 12 Month Service Warranty on all cockroaches, Ants Spider Treatments
  • Great Customer Service
  • Great Value For Money

Species of ants we treat on the Sunshine Coast

Black Ants

Black House Ant (Ochetellus glaber)

Normally like to build its nest in the ground, under bark, and in decaying timber. Black house ants will also nest in roof voids, gutters, and other cavities around your home.

Black Ants

Black house ants will also nest in roof voids, gutters, and other cavities around your home.

  • They are 2-3 mm in size and black.
  • Food Preference: Sweet Foods
  • Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Wide

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Carpenter Ants

Sugar Ant (Camponotus spp)

Carpenter ants are most active at night and will nest in moist decaying timber or wood. Near where there been nesting or excavating you will see signs of sawdust-like material.

Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants will tunnel into timber but do not eat it.

  • Carpenter ants are 8 -12 mm in size and will build their nest inside and outside
  • Food Preference: They will eat a verity of dead insects but do prefer honeydew and sugary foods.
  • Distribution: Australia Wide

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Ghost Ants

(Tapinoma melanocephalum)

Ghost ants will build its nest under rocks. In warmer climates, they will nest in walls and cavities and in cooler climates, Ghost ants can produce very large colonies.

Ghost Ants

Ghost ant colonies may have many queens and colonies can split developing new sub nests throughout your home.

  • Ghost ants are extremely small ranging from 1.3- 2 mm in size.
  • Food Preference: show a preference for sweet food.
  • Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

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Funnel Ants

(Lawn Ants)

These ants build large volcano shaped mounds of dirt in your lawns, which are unsightly and often cause problems when mowing your lawn.

Funnel Ants

Funnel Ants burrow unsightly large volcano shaped mounds of dirt in lawns.

They are also often responsible for blunt lawn mower blades.

Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland and East Coast Seaboard North of Sydney

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