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Carpenter Ants BuderimIf you live in Buderim or other parts of the Sunshine Coast, you are well aware that you are sharing your space with all kinds of different ants, creatures and critters. For most people, that relationship is fine, as long as those little pests stay outside the house. One of the more common pest problems comes from carpenter ants, who love to get indoors and set up a cozy little nest. One of the most obvious signs that you might have a carpenter ant issue at your Buderim Sunshine Coast property is the presence of sawdust or wood shavings around the perimeter of your home. The question now is how to work on the ant removal.

When you have those obvious signs of ant activity in your home, you may very well be looking at a nest issue. In many cases, people will remove the siding and plasterboard in their home to get to the nest and hopefully destroy it. It’s a process that can save you some money, but it’s also a plan of pest control that does little to solve your carpenter ant problem. In the case of carpenter ants, the time you are most likely to have issues is in the spring months. It is often the presence of damp wood in your Buderim home that draws them in, which means that issue needs to be addressed before you start tackling the ants. If you don’t locate where water is coming in, you are going to have a revolving door for ants.

If you are seeing the presence of carpenter ants in the winter months, you are almost certainly looking at a nest situation. Ant colonies can vary in size, ranging from a few hundred to a few million. The size of the nest is important, as a larger colony is definitely going to be harder to get rid of. The damage that you see is not from the carpenter ants eating the wood in the way in which termites do. Instead, they remove the wood so that they can create space for the stockpiles of food that the colony is going to need to thrive.

Besides the wood shavings and other debris, you are also likely going to see some dead ants in there. Carpenter ants are usually either red or black in color and can be as large as a ½ inch in length. They don’t always place their nests in areas that are easy to reach, which is why calling in a professional to take care of your ant control issues is always recommended. Not only will they be able to tell you what type of ant you have living in your home, they will also be able to locate the nest and treat the issue using bait along the path that the ants follow. It also helps that the professionals have better tools and products to deal with your ant issue. Getting rid of the nest for good usually means finding and eradicating the nest, making sure that the reproductive queens are killed off in the process.

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