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Ant Removal MaroochydoreAnts are one of the most common household nuisances. It seems like no matter what you do the ants keep coming back. Here we will show you how to remove ants from Maroochydore houses on the Sunshine Coast. There are many different species of ants in the wild however they all have the same purpose for invading your house on the Sunshine Coast. That purpose can be:

  • Looking to make a new colony
  • Finding food

Usually it’s the second one. You literally invite in ants yourself when you leave the kitchen counters and floor dirty. You have to store your food in tight lids and get rid of all the food waste inside the house. Let’s take a look at few ways you can save yourself from an ant infestation.

“Know thy enemy” translates to know your enemy. In this case, it is important to know what type of ant you are dealing with.  The traditional house ants can be easily eliminated while you might have to make some extra efforts for a few other ant species.

You can find many different products in the market that can be used to kill ants. While these products are effective, they don’t offer a permanent solution to the problem.

Ants cannot pass through petroleum jelly. So if you see a long stream of ants building up use petroleum jelly to restrict their route. This will help you contain the ants in one area and stop them from spreading to other parts of your house. You can then use an ant killing spray or powder to get rid of the ants.

You might have never thought about this but it is a very effective way of ant control. If you have a large infestation of ants at your home then a good old vacuum cleaner can be very useful in getting rid of the insects. A vacuum cleaner can help you do what it is built to do i.e. clean up. If you see a long ant stream in your house then you can use the vacuum cleaner on them however a better way would be to follow that stream back to the colony and then using the vacuum on the opening of the colony. Once vacuumed, you can throw the vacuum garbage bag in the trash outside your house.

You can use water to drown the ants. Water costs nothing and should be used only on the ant colony. Using water inside the house to drain ants can be a hassle however if you have found the root of your ant infestation use water to destroy the colony.

All the above mentioned methods can be carried out by the homeowner however it should be kept in mind that most of these methods don’t offer a permanent solution to the problem. Things like vacuum cleaning and drowning the colony don’t necessarily destroy the entire colony. You might be able to kill a lot of ants but the remaining ants would start up a new colony. So what should you do if you want to get rid of the ants at your home?

Well, ant removal is something that is best left to the experts. Especially in a country like Australia that has a prevalent insect infestation issue. If you are someone who is looking for ant removal services in Maroochydore or anywhere on the Sunshine Coast then you are in luck. Scott Turner is an experienced ant removal specialist who offers his expertise to the residents of Maroochydore. He has been in the field for over a decade and has had a lot of success in the field.

If you want to give the ants a permanent boot, then Scott is the guy you should contact. He provides services to both private residents and commercial buildings. You can even enjoy a 12 month warranty, so if you see any other ant stream in your house you can call Scott and organise a visit.

Ant control and removal is just one of the pest control services we offer. We also treat Cockroaches, Silverfish, Ants, Spider, Fleas, Ticks, Rats, Mice, Wasps, Bees, and Flies in both residential and commercial Environments.

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