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Ants are both a blessing and a curse. The common ants you find along the Sunshine Coast are mostly harmless, but there are species in the Mountain Creek and other areas that require proper ant removal. This is usually when the ants take up residence in your home or property where they may present a threat to you, your family, and pets. The proper understanding of ants and their role in nature will help you determine if they should be removed from your property.

How Ants Live

There are three types of ants. The queen is the one who founds the colony and produces the eggs that repopulates the species. The workers which are also female assist the queen and keep the colony running smoothly by taking care of the queen, finding food, and removing waste material. The ants you see on the surface are most likely all female. Male ants tend to have one purpose which is to reproduce. Once they have developed and delivered the sperm needed for re-population, they die quickly. You tend to only see male ants when they are searching for queens to mate. Plus, you only see queens when they are flying around. The mating takes place in the sky. Once it is over, the queen drops to the ground and loses her wings. She then selects a nesting area and digs into the ground starting the colony. That one mating session will produce hundreds of ants over the years. Queens will never mate after that while living for perhaps decades. Considering that workers will generally last for about a year and males typically less than a week, the result is a colony with a definite caste system in terms of how the social order is structured.

Beneficial Aspects of Ants

Although they can be a nuisance, ants provide many advantages to nature thanks to their unique social system. In your yard, ants that present no threat to humans or pets can do the following;
  • Pollinating plants
  • Dispersing seeds
  • Soil improvement
In addition, ants have also led to the creation of new medicines, particularly antibiotics which has saved countless lives. This means that ants should be respected and left alone if at all possible when they do not present a threat.

Disadvantages of Ants

However, when ants move into or under a home, they can become a nuisance. This is because in their search for food, they can roam through your house. This can cause considerable disruption in the home. Plus, if the ants have stingers or are more aggressive, they can view you, your family, and pets as a threat. This is the time when you need proper ant eradication services to rid your property of the problem. Proper ant removal along the Mountain Creek area in the Sunshine Coast starts by assessing the threat posed by the ants to your home and property. Once the danger is determined, the proper procedures for removing the ants are taken. This generally means the full eradication of the colony itself if it does present a threat. Contact Scotty at Give Ants The Boot.

Ant control and removal is just one of the pest control services we offer. We also treat Cockroaches, Silverfish, Ants, Spider, Fleas, Ticks, Rats, Mice, Wasps, Bees, and Flies in both residential and commercial Environments.

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