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Removal of infestations of ants

At Give Ants The Boot, I specialise in the removal of infestations of ants from your Sunshine Coast home and business whilst being great value for money.

The Black House Ant, Ghost Ant, White Footed House Ant and Carpenter Ants are some of the most common ants that invade Sunshine Coast and Australian homes.
How to remove ants from your home

More prevalent in summer, ants will still set up residence even in the winter months.

STOP!   STOP!   You Should Never Spray Ants With Fly Or Surface Spray.

Depending on the species of the ants you have, When you spray ants with fly or surface sprays.

You will kill all the ants that you can see. The problem when you do this is.

There are a lot of ants you can not see hiding in your walls, In your window frames and

door frames, cracks in floors, and under tiles these are all places where the ants’ nests are located.

Unless you remove the ant’s nest you will always have a problem with the ants returning.

Depending on the species of the ants they will normally return after 3- 4 months, usually in far greater numbers than before.

Ants follow an invisible scent

Ants send out a scout, hunting for food sources. As soon as he finds something, he’ll come back to the nest and let all the worker ants know he has found a food sauce. Multiple ants will then be sent to collect food.

Each Ant Species Can Require A Different Solution

It can be difficult to identify between the different ant species and knowing the best way to manage the ant infestation problem.

Some Tips To Prevent Ants

  • Place all non-refrigerated food in air-tight containers including breakfast cereals, flour, chips, pet food which give ants never-ending supply of food.
  • Place all Medication air-tight containers. For example cough liquid, throat lozenges, vitamins, tablets. Some of these medications are very sweet and will attract ants.
  • Regularly clean dishes and wipe down benches to prevent ants from being attracted to your home.
  • Place pet food bowls in a plate of water to prevent ant access. (works great with your honey too)
  • Clean pet food bowls at night to prevent leaving ants a food source.
  • Regularly clean dishes and wipe down benches to prevent ants from being attracted to your home.
  • Regular cleaning of floors
  • Regular cleaning under and behind fridges and dishwashers
  • Regular cleaning of Stove
  • Regular cleaning of appliances like microwave, toaster​ etc


All Internal and External Areas Of Your Home, Garages, and Sheds. With​ a “12 Month Warranty”.

I take great pride in my work and most treatments take between 2- 3 hours to guarantee the best possible results.


Read what our customers are saying.

Scott was very professional and knowledgeable. His service was through and no minor detail was missed. My kids can now play again in the yard without being attacked, and we can entertain again 🙂

Caroline Gault

I get Scotty to do all my pest control, cheap and gives a great warranty, very happy with the time and carefully selected chemicals he uses

Troy Mihalec

Great service form Scotty, will use again

Kelly Forward

Scotty is the only pest controller we use or recommend at any of our jobs.

Adios Asbestos

Good price. Great outcome. No ants for (hopefully) 12 months. Scotty guaranties that. Thanks mate.

Dido Makac

Scotty knows were to find the ants nests amazing to watch him work. He works professionally at what he does and can answer all your questions in detail regards to ants. With his 12 month warranty you are guaranteed he has booted the ants. Great job everytime, fully recommend Scotty give him a call today, you wont be disappointed. !

Patricia Se

We have had other pest control guys try to get rid of our ant problem in the past with poor results. Scott spent hours at our house getting into every nook and cranny. A couple of days after his first visit some ants were still persisting in a couple of places. Scotty came back free of charge and spent a couple more hours tracking down the nests and killing them as well. That was about 4 weeks ago, and since then we have been completely pest free. If you need a pest guy, use Scotty. I can’t see anyone else putting in that much effort.

Jochum Wittebrood

Give Ants the Boot Service the Entire Sunshine Coast

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