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Common Ant Species

that invade Australian homes

that invade Australian homes

that invade Australian homes


Normally like to build its nest in the ground, under bark, and in decaying timber.
Black house ants will also nest in roof voids, gutters, and other cavities around your home.
They are 2-3 mm in size and black.
Food Preference: Sweet Foods
Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia Wide

May nest in bare soil and sand or may hide amongst plants and logs.

Argentine ants are very aggressive and will drive out other ant species and animals from areas where they are nesting and they are 2- 3mm in size.
Food Preference: They will eat Meat, Insects, sweet foods, and honeydew.

Ghost ants will build tits nest under rocks outside, In warmer parts of Australia, they will nest in walls and cavities. In cooler parts of Australia, Ghost ants can produce very large colonies. Ghost ant colonies may have many queens and colonies can split developing new sub nests throughout your home. Ghost ants are extremely small ranging from 1.3- 2 mm in size.
Food Preference: show a preference for sweet food.
Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Carpenter ants are most active at night and will nest in moist decaying timber or wood. Near wear there been nesting or excavating you will see signs of sawdust-like material. Carpenter ants will tunnel into timber but do not eat it. Carpenter ants are 8 -12 mm in size and will build there nest inside and outside
Food Preference: They will eat a verity of dead insects but do prefer honeydew and sugary foods.
Distribution: Australia Wide

Will nest inside homes near warm areas example hot water systems,
Pharaoh’s Ants form large colonies with multiple queens.
If you spray Pharaoh’s Ants with surface or fly spray ! Queens can take a number of worker ants with them and form new colonies.
So it will not take long for your home to be overrun by ants. Pharaohs Ants are light brown to dark brown in colour and They are 1.5-2mm in size.
Food Preference: Prefer to eat sweet fatty and protein foods.
Distribution: Queensland, Australia Wide

Will build there nest both inside and outside your home.
They are 2.5- 3mm in size.
Food Preference: They will eat a wide verity of food but prefer sweet foods.
Distribution: Sunshine Coast, Queensland, East Coast of Australia

Have almost the same nesting habits as Coastal Brown Ants.
Brown House Ants are brown in colour and have a distinct odour when they are crushed.
They are 2-3mm in size.
Food Preference: Prefer high protein foods.

It can usually be found nesting within your home and under pathways and rockeries, one sign you have Coastal brown activity is that you have little mounds of dirt and soil where they have been.
Coastal Brown Ants have both large and small soldiers and large soldiers have huge heads compared to their bodies. They are 1.5- 3mm in size.
Food Preference: They eat fats and protein foods.

Will nest inside your walls, windows, and subfloors within your home. Odorous ants are range in colour from light brown to dark brown and they are 2- 3mm in size.
Food Preference: Prefer sweet foods but will also eat meat and also consume household scrap foods.
Distribution: Australia Wide

have almost the same nesting habits as coastal brown ants, Singapore ants have been known to eat through plastic and to nest in electrical power boxes. Singapore ants are light brown with a dark abdomen. They can bite and sting and they are 2- 3mm in size.
Food Preference: They will eat both Animal and sweet foods.
Distribution: Australia Wide

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