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Got a Problem with Wasps or Bees Sunshine Coast?

Wasps And Bees Can Be Dangerous If You Threaten Their Nest by Trying To Remove Them.

Better you leave it to a professional which I have had many years experience removing both Wasps and Bees from Sunshine Coast Homes.

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Wasp Treatments

Wasp Treatments need to be done in the late afternoon.

This is to ensure the majority of the wasps have returned to the nest, as the wasps have been away foraging for food.

This is to ensure the most effective treatment can be achieved.

Wasp Treatments Cost $110.00

Paper Wasps

Paper Wasp Nest
Paper Wasp up close


Paper wasps have black, reddish, yellow, and light brown bands running across the wasps’ abdomen and can grow to 2.2 cm in size and has brown wings.


Paper wasps build a paper and mud nest usually hanging from under your homes eves and in trees and garden plants.

Paper wasps feed on nectar and will also bring Caterpillars back to the nest to feed their young.


Australia wide


Paper wasps will sting if you come close to their nest.

European Wasp

European wasp nest
European wasp up close


The European wasp abdomen has yellow and black triangle markings down the length of the wasp and yellow legs and can grow to 1.6 cm in size.


The European wasp prefers to build their nests around your home as there is an abundance of food such as sweet foods, food leftover on barbeques, and rubbish bins.

European wasps will also build their nest in the ground, in tree stumps, and in wall cavities and roof voids around your home.
European wasps nest can live up to 1 year.


Australia wide


European wasp will sting multiple times when disturbed or agitated and the sting from this wasp is very painful and will also release a pheromone to sting site which attracts more wasps to sting the site.

Mud Dauber Wasp

Mud Dauber Wasp Nest
Mud Dauber Wasp up close


Mud Dauber Wasp is yellow and black with an elongated body and yellow and black bands across the abdomen and can grow to 2.8 cm in size.

The female Mud Dauber Wasp builds its mud nests in undercover areas such as the under your eves and within the brick walls and weeps holes around your home as well as in and around sheds.

The Mud Dauber Wasp nest is bottle-shaped and placed in rows of three, These bottle shape rows are now covered with layers of mud. These bottle shape rows are filled with spiders to feed the larvae or young.

The wasp makes a loud buzz while building its mud nest. They are found across mainland Australia


Australia wide

Potter Wasp

Potter Wasp
Potter Wasp front view


Potter Wasp is a large orange wasp with a large black patch between the wings and black and orange bands across the abdomen and black tips on the end of its wings.

 Potter Wasp can grow to 3 cm in size.

Female potter wasps build large mud nests with numerous mud cells in undercover areas such as the under your eves and within the brick walls and weep holes around your home. These mud cells are then filled with caterpillars as food for their young larvae.


Australia wide


Bees Swarming
Bee Swarm
Bee Hive Sunshine Coast
Bee Hive

Yes, I offer a bee removal service, but I am also a beekeeper and am very aware of the importance of Western Honey Bee, European Honey Bee and Native Bees bees to our environment and especially the Australian agricultural Industry which depends on bees for the pollination of their crops.

This is why I am offering a Bee Swarm Relocation Service which is a safe and affordable way to not only remove these bee swarms but to also ensure the bees live to pollinate another day!

At Give Ants the Boot I am all about protecting Bees whenever possible by safe relocation with the assistance of local Beekeepers across the Sunshine Coast.

Bees will often take up residence around your home.
Bees have been known to build their hives in trees and plants as well as in the cavity of walls in your home.


Bee stings can cause a severe allergic reaction in some people as well as their pets and in some cases causing death.

Bee Swarm Relocation

Bee Treatments

If there is no choice to remove Bees due to public safety or danger to your family and pets.

Bee Treatments need to be done late afternoon.

To ensure the majority of the Bees from the hive have returned to hive.

As the bees have been away forging  for food to feed the nest.

This is to ensure the most effective treatment can be achieved.

Bee Treatments Cost From $110.00

Give Ants the Boot Services the Entire Sunshine Coast

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