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Family Safe Pest Management

Family Safe Pest Management


Cockroaches will feed on just about anything:

  • Food scraps
  • Rotting garbage
  • Spilled liquids
  • Dead insects
  • Pet food
  • Waste products

Some Tips To Prevent Cockroaches

  1. Place all non-refrigerated food in air-tight containers including breakfast cereals, flour, chips, pet food which give cockroaches a never-ending supply of food.
  2. Regularly clean dishes and wipe down benches to prevent cockroaches been attracted to your home.
  3. Cockroaches are nocturnal and for this reason, you need to not leave pet food out at night and clean pet food bowls at night to prevent leaving cockroaches a food sauce.
  4. Regular cleaning of floors
  5. Regular cleaning under and behind fridges and dishwashers
  6. Regular cleaning of Stove
  7. Regular cleaning of appliances microwave, toaster
  8. Fix any leaking taps around the home.
  9. Fix any cracks or holes that give Cockroaches easy access to your home.


All Internal and External Areas Of Your Home, Garages, and Sheds. with​”12 Month Warranty”
I take great pride in my work and most treatments take between 2- 3 hours to guarantee the best possible results.

Australian cockroach
Cockroach colony
German cockroach


Professional and Knowledgeable

Scott was very professional and knowledgeable. His service was through and no minor detail was missed. My kids can now play again in the yard without being attacked, and we can entertain again 🙂

Caroline Gault

Very Happy and Will Use again

Great service form Scotty, will use again

Kelly Forward

On Time and Great Warranty

I get Scotty to do all my pest control, cheap and gives a great warranty, very happy with the time and carefully selected chemicals he uses

Troy Mihalec

Great Local Business

Scotty is the only pest controller we use or recommend at any of our jobs.

Adios Asbestos

Professionalism, Quality, Value

Good price. Great outcome. No ants for (hopefully) 12 months. Scotty guaranties that. Thanks mate.

Dido Makac

Give Ants the Boot Service the Entire Sunshine Coast

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