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FleasFleas in Australia mostly feed on mammals.

​They will take a blood meal usually from dogs and cats but also from humans if they are the only food source available.

Effective Flea control requires assistance from the homeowner.

Life Cycle And Flea Habits

The adult female flea usually lays 4-8 eggs after each blood meal.
Most eggs are laid on the host animal and distributed where the host animal goes.
The highest concentration of eggs is usually found where the animal sleeps and among the bedding.
​Flea larvae feed on 1 -2 weeks within carpet, flooring, lawns and concrete areas.
Flea larvae then normally pupate in 1-2 weeks some but this sometimes can be longer if the dwelling has been vacant for long periods of time.
Once the dwelling is occupied again the vibration from you and your pets will stimulate the eggs to hatch and will begin searching for a blood meal.
This may seem like your home has come alive with fleas.

Flea Control
Home Owner Methods For Controlling Fleas.

​​​Frequently wash and vacuum floors.
Empty Vacuum cleaner bag into a plastic bag and spray contents with pesticide aerosol spray place in Rubbish Bin.
The subfloor of houses made inaccessible for pets to enter.
Pets may have to be removed from the home until fleas are under control inside the home.
Animal bedding needs to be thoroughly washed.
Animals need to be placed on flea treatment (seek advice from a vet)

On The Day Of Flea Treatment.

I will conduct an inspection to establish where problem areas are and where your pet spends most of its time.
I will then apply an internal flea treatment to carpets, floors, lounges, and mattresses when necessary and pets bedding.
I will then apply an external flea treatment to lawns, gardens, subfloors, garages, and where ever else your pet frequently visits.

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