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Pest Management Services

Pest Management Services

Rats and Mice will always live close to a food or water source and in autumn and winter rats will seek out suitable nesting locations within buildings. Rats and mice are social animals and will often live in groups and build their nests from paper, fabric, insulation, and leaves.

Rodent Gnawing

Common Rat

Rodents’ teeth do not stop growing, that’s why they are always finding something to chew on.

They have been known to have chewed on doors, skirting, books plastic containers, and electrical wiring and have been responsible for causing fires as well.

Rats and mice have been known to spread disease through their urine and faeces contaminating food causing salmonella food poisoning.

Norway Rat (Common Rat, Sewer Rat, Brown Rat)

Roof Rat
Norway Rat is the biggest of the pest rats, it lives usually for 9-12 months and will have 5-6 litters per year with (8-10 young per) Young can reach sexual maturity in 3-4 months.
As you can see it doesn’t take long before you can have a major infestation.

Norway rat will mostly build burrows but will infest warehouses, factories, flour mills shopping centers, garbage tips nearly any commercial buildings.
Food – garbage, meat, cereal, and fish.

Roof Rat (Black Rat, Ship Rat)

House Mouse
Roof Rats lives 9-12 months and will have 4 to 5 litters per year with 6 to 8 young per year.
Young can reach sexual maturity in 3-4 months.

Roof rat prefers buildings to build their nests in. They are excellent climbers and are likely to nest in wall cavities and roof voids.
Food: vegetables, fruits, cereals, and grains.

House Mouse

House mouse lives for about 1 year and could have 6-10 litters per year producing 5-6 young reaching sexual maturity in 6 weeks. The house mouse can live indoors and will make nests in wall voids, cupboards, roof voids, stored foods, and furniture.

Rat Mouse Control Bait Station

Rodent Control Methods

Improve Sanitation and remove food available for rodents to eat eg. (place dog food in airtight containers).
Rodent proofing and altering the building to stop rodents gain access to the building.
Trapping using traps to capture rodents.

At Give Ants the Boot I have many Rat and Mouse Control Methods to choose from.


  • Live catch trap options
  • Rodent bait options – Blocks, Pellets, Drink
  • Snap trap options
  • Lockable Bait Stations

​I have Rat And Mouse Solution For: ​

  • Residential Homes
  • Chicken And Bird Aviaries
  • Commercial
  • Kitchens
  • Units
  • Warehouses
  • Shopping Centres

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