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Most spiders are nocturnal and during the day are never seen unless you disturb their natural environments. As night approaches, spiders leave the protection of their burrows and shelters and go out searching for food. As for web-spinning spiders, this is when they start to build their webs to catch prey. At sunrise, spiders will return to the safety of their shelters.
Spiders are carnivorous and will feed on living and freshly killed Insects, small lizards, and also other spiders as they are cannibals.

Common Occurring Spiders ​

​Funnel Web Spider

Funnel Web Spider


It likes a moist dark environment and has a long tube burrow covered in the web in the ground.
Active during late summer and Autumn when will leave burrow to to search for female, rest of the time will stay within its burrow.
Toxicity: Very Toxic

Redback spider

Red Back Spider


This spider is black with a red stripe down its back. It builds web and is frequently found under rubbish bins, underneath houses, among outdoor furniture, barbecues, swings and in garden sheds. Female redback spider bites and is very painful, a male spider does not.
Toxicity: Very Toxic

Black House Spider

Black House Spider


Black House Spider builds webs in windows, along the cornice of rooms, behind doors,
in toilets and under guttering and in sheds and garages, it is not aggressive.
Toxicity: Toxic (produces pain, nausea, sweating)

White Tailed Spider

White-Tailed Spider


White-tailed spider has a cigar-shaped body with a white spot at the end of its abdomen. It is found among bark of trees and inside bathrooms, it is not aggressive.
Toxicity: Bites can cause local pain, blistering & tissue necrosis.

​Wolf Spider

Wolf Spider


Wolf Spider is identified by union jack on its back. It builds holes in the ground covered in leaf litter. Moves very quickly once disturbed.
Toxicity: Low (painful bite)

Huntsman Spider

​Huntsman Spider


Huntsman spider lives under bark during day time. At night Huntsman will often enter houses looking for insects.
Toxicity: Not Toxic

Garden Orb Weaving Spider

Garden Orb Weaving Spider


Builds orb web in gardens at night and is not aggressive.
Toxicity: Not Toxic

St Andrews Cross Spider

St Andrew’s Cross Spider


It has yellow and brown stripes, It builds an orb web and places its legs in the shape of across.
Toxicity: Not Toxic

To Avoid Spider Bites

  • Wear gloves when gardening.
  • Wear shoes outside especially at night when spiders are most active.
  • Do not leave clothing, shoes, toys on the ground especially overnight, ground-dwelling spiders may use them has a haven.
  • During warmer months be aware of funnel webs mating season. January to March male funnel-web spiders may enter homes and yards searching for a mate.


All Internal and External Areas Of Your Home, Garages, and Sheds are treated.
Guaranteed with​ a “12 Month Warranty”.

I take great pride in my work and most treatments take between 2- 3 hours to guarantee the best possible results.


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I get Scotty to do all my pest control, cheap and gives a great warranty, very happy with the time and carefully selected chemicals he uses

Troy Mihalec

Scott was very professional and knowledgeable. His service was through and no minor detail was missed. My kids can now play again in the yard without being attacked, and we can entertain again 🙂

Caroline Gault

Scotty knows were to find the ants nests amazing to watch him work. He works professionally at what he does and can answer all your questions in detail regards to ants. With his 12 month warranty you are guaranteed he has booted the ants. Great job everytime, fully recommend Scotty give him a call today, you wont be disappointed. !

Patricia Se

We have had other pest control guys try to get rid of our ant problem in the past with poor results. Scott spent hours at our house getting into every nook and cranny. A couple of days after his first visit some ants were still persisting in a couple of places. Scotty came back free of charge and spent a couple more hours tracking down the nests and killing them as well. That was about 4 weeks ago, and since then we have been completely pest free. If you need a pest guy, use Scotty. I can’t see anyone else putting in that much effort.

Jochum Wittebrood

Scotty is the only pest controller we use or recommend at any of our jobs.

Adios Asbestos

Good price. Great outcome. No ants for (hopefully) 12 months. Scotty guaranties that. Thanks mate.

Dido Makac

Great service form Scotty, will use again

Kelly Forward

Give Ants the Boot Service the Entire Sunshine Coast

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